Dr. Roger Billings – Hydrogen Is in His Dreams

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Roger Billings - Hydrogen
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Dr. Roger Billings - Hydrogen Is in His Dreams

To Dr. Roger Billings, hydrogen is not just a good idea, it’s the only way to go. We enjoyed reading the coverage in Time Magazine about Dr. Billings’ long pursuit of the hydrogen economy – indeed his “dream” for a fuel system that does not pollute the air and does not drain the US economy.

Since high school when he converted a car to hydrogen after being told by professors that it could not be done, Dr. Billings has been a leading force in debunking and removing the roadblocks to hydrogen as a fuel. That progress took another giant step when his team converted the first regular passenger car to a hydrogen fuel cell. Running on a fuel cell means much higher efficiency levels and lower prices at refueling stations. Dr. Billings has been quoted in recent years as saying that for hydrogen to really catch on, it needs to not only be good for the environment but also good for people’s wallets. Fuel cells take hydrogen that much closer.

All this progress has attracted a great deal of acclaim from the industry and in the press, but it has also brought out the naysayers. Our research has uncovered a pattern of character defamation and blackball campaigns aimed at discrediting Dr. Billings and his work. But who would invest the time and expense to hire firms and writers to discredit one of the most storied scientists in the hydrogen energy field? The answer may lie buried in the ground where billions of dollars in oil assets can still be found.

Recent developments seem to be causing even long time oil investors to look elsewhere for energy solutions and hydrogen is solution being lauded in more and more unlikely camps. Perhaps the time has come when the opposition to this proven platform will finally drop.

Obstacles remain for hydrogen to become THE energy medium of choice in America, not the least of which would be a viable way to provide a complete network of refueling stations everywhere they would be needed. Here’s hoping that Dr. Billings keeps dreaming the dream and finding the solutions, no matter what the naysayers say.

  1. riverTEX64 says:

    Well said and true too! There was an article on Dr. Billings here in Texas years ago that talked about the same thing: http://lubbockonline.com/stories/090405/nat_090405078.shtml

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